How long have you been riding for and what got you into riding?

20 years. Always been into motorcycles, with my dad always talking about his riding adventures from his teen years back in Malaysia. So because of that, I did what it took to get my license....and the rest, well that's history.

What kind of impact had riding had for you? Has riding helped you to overcome hardship in your life, if yes how?

The impact that riding has had, was liberation and freedom.  The new friendships you make, and the camaraderie it can provide you. 

Riding has most definitely given me release from stress, from a tough day at work, a nagging wife, and my screaming baby :P

Do you prefer to ride solo or groups and why?

Before, when I rode big was group riding. Riding with hand signals and no helmet coms. 

And now, I enjoy riding at my own pace often on my own, to get that cup of coffee. 

However, you can't beat a short group ride to get ice cream on a hot summer day.

What kind of bike do you have and why? What kind of riding do you do or have you done? (Dirt, off-road/enduro, road trips etc.)

Currently, there are 9 of where to begin? 

What's insured currently is a 97 Honda Supercub 90. It's been mildly modified to what you see before you. Swapped the stock motor from a 90cc semi-automatic, to a 140cc full manual engine. Chopped off the rear fender, removed the front fender, pulled the standard handlebar assembly, and fabricated a bracket to accept standard bar clamps and a more traditional 22mm handlebar set up. All the accessories were either purchased or I've inquired with suppliers to potentially import to sell.   

 I've always loved these bikes since the early 90's, ever since I had an opportunity to go to Malaysia with my parents. There, these bikes were the workhorses of the area. You'd see thousands of them, EVERYWHERE. From people commuting on them to entire families travelling down rural roads, even venders carrying livestock, this style of bike was so popular because of its simplicity, it's durability and robustness. 

There's been 100 million Honda Cubs sold worldwide. 

The rest of my collection includes,

1965 Honda S90 - Parts bike
1966 Honda C200 - 100% Original 3rd owner bike with 5500 original miles
1967 Honda S90 - project bike, potentially be converted to a Cafe racer. 
1968 Honda C65 (the predecessor to the Honda Cub) - to be resto-modded, rebuilt back to original quality, but with a bigger motor
1981 Honda C70 Passport (North American Honda Supercub) - currently being rebuilt to Malaysian specs
1983 Honda C70 - same as the 81, to be rebuilt to Malaysian specs
1983 Honda C70 - Streetcub project ;)
*oddball* ZB50 (unknown year)

Because all my bikes are smaller-ish. I mainly do a lot of backroads and city riding. At times I'll go adventuring, and as long as I have my emergency fuel bottle on my bike, and see where the bike takes me.

What's been your favourite or most memorable riding experience?

With my Supercub, it's been the Ferry2Ferry ride. A leisurely organized Sunday group ride with (up to) 400 friends. 

Last I rode bike bikes, it was a random road trip to Edmonton for the night to visit my best friend. Had a wrong turn by Kamloops and wound up in Calgary.

Future riding goals/ plans?
A potential long long term plan? To get my son on a bike.

What are your social media handles? Facebook, Instagram 
Instagram @cuballstars