How long have you been riding for and what got you into riding?

I have been riding for almost 9 years, but I almost didn’t start at all. I used to hate motorcycles – with a passion! I was never going to own one. Well, that all changed on January 3, 2012. I was in Estonia, working as a foreign news editor and segment producer in prime time news. One of the segments I was in charge of was called “Most watched YouTube videos”. The most popular sports video that day was “Dream Ride” with motocross riders Malcolm Stewart & Josh Cachia. Those four minutes changed my life. I saw them jumping and having the time of their life and thought: “I want to do this”. Few weeks later, I took a lesson on a 100cc Honda. About a month after that I got my first bike – a KTM 125sx. Not even a year in I raced my first race. I was dead last, but I was sold. This was my life now. Street riding followed five years later, so in 2017 I got my motorcycle license and a first streetbike. This past summer I did my first track days as well, falling in love with the flowy speed of sportbikes.

What kind of impact had riding had for you? Has riding helped you to overcome a hardship in your life, if yes how?

I would not be the same person right now without motorcycles or the community and friends I have made through sharing this passion. After getting separated from my husband of 10 years last year and then facing so much uncertainty with COVID-19, my KTM and Aprilia along with the strong riding community were the things that pulled me through it all. When all else fails, I can always count on my bikes to be my lifeline. This also has made me want to give back- the urge to advocate for women riders turned into world’s first TV show about women in motocross: “Diaries of Badass Chicks” which won the Telus Storyhive funding competition in 2017 and is now viewable on Telus OptikTV and YouTube. The Kickstarter campaign in 2019 for additional episodes led me to hauling my bike up to CTV News Vancouver’s 5th floor for a live interview for the morning show. This was a historical moment as no motorcycle had been in the news studio before and a big highlight for me as a creator. Followed by the campaign not going the way we hoped. So there has been a lot of highs and lows, which are all worth it though. It has been a bit tough to get financing interest and to show people how much we need positive representation of motorcyclists in the media. One of the big goals has always been advocating for more options for women’s riding gear. Well, now we have decided to take the matters into our own hands when it comes to manufacturing riding gear for women, so stay tuned for big announcements coming in just a few months! Has riding changed my life? Hell yeah, riding IS my life.


Do you prefer to ride solo or groups and why?

On your bike you are actually never alone, but I prefer riding alone or with someone who will appreciate my style of riding. I like how my boyfriend phrases it: “We are riding alone together”. This way I feel freer to just take a side road or change plans, which can be tougher to do in a group. Then again, one of my most memorable experiences is from Women Rider’s World Relay in 2019 when an RCMP escort shut down traffic in Vancouver to let us, more than 60 badass women ride out towards Revelstoke, BC carrying a baton which was going around the world. Therefore, I like riding alone(ish), but group rides can also be a lot of fun sometimes.

What kind of bike do you have and why? What kind of riding do you do or have you done? (Dirt, off road/enduro, road trips etc.)

I have a KTM 250SX-F for dirt and Aprilia Dorsoduro 750 for street. Next year I will be tracking with a Honda CBR600RR. As for riding, I used to think I am only a dirt girl. Turns out, I am a motorcycle girl! I love constantly discovering new facets of the riding world. I started out with motocross, because that is what’s popular in Estonia and because I love jumping. The latter is also the reason I got into trying freestyle – I was the first woman in Canada to jump my dirt bike onto a BigAirbag airbag and do a trick on it. A year later I was one of the first people to ride the new Honda Goldwing for their TV and print commercials. I did not think I would like a big touring bike like that, so I was positively surprised. As for motorcycle trips abroad- I loved exploring the Peruvian Andes on adventure bikes in 2019. And new for 2020 for me are sportbikes! I had my first three track days on four different bikes this summer and this is something I will continue to enjoy and explore for sure. But dirt is still my first love and therefore has a special spot in my heart always ☺

What's been your favorite or most memorable riding experience?

There are so many memories! I cannot just pick one. The feeling when you first shift gears while standing up on your dirt bike. First gate drop. First crash. First finish line. First successfully landed jump. The nerves.. the nerves! Then overcoming them and just dropping the clutch. The moments when you are flying down the road or are up in the air and realize that anything is possible. YOU are actually doing this. You are being one with the bike, with the road. The moments.. that foggy morning sunrise at 5am on the Gold Wings near Merritt. The feeling tens of feet in the air when completing my first heel clicker trick. Prepping and shooting my TV pilot with all of the badass women. Snowbiking in deep powder in Whistler's alpine. All of the midnight rides during the pandemic. And most recently, that last lap on Area27 on a borrowed bike. I had just completed my first two track days ever. Before the last corner it all hit me- the amazing people who helped make it happen, the fact that I was scared as hell and still did it. The fact that I pushed myself and survived! Those happy tears streaming down my face while I came off the track will always be in my memory bank as a reminder to never stop. The people riding has brought to my life and the memories with them are priceless. I am forever grateful to that momentous video almost 9 years ago that changed my life.

Future riding goals/ plans?

I feel like everything I do or plan to do in the future is connected to motorcycles. The big dream of manufacturing women’s motorcycle gear is starting to take shape and that in turn will fuel the TV series “Diaries of Badass Chicks”. I also want to set up a program to help young female riders in their racing or riding journeys. My goal was never to be the fastest racer.. kidding! of course I want to be the fastest! I do know my strengths lie in the vision I can bring to the community and the ability to marry the goals of film/television media with those of the exciting world of motorcycles. I want to inspire others and be constantly inspired by badass riders around me and make movies about riding. I would love for someone to watch the videos I have produced and have that be the reason they get into bikes. I also started writing motorcycle poetry- the resulting book will be the first of its kind in the world. So I guess I would like to continue being a trailblazer with a lot of firsts, breaking down barriers and writing my own rules when it comes to portraying female motorcycle riders. And supermoto. I would like to get a proper supermoto track bike soon. Yes. I think that's enough plans for a lifetime. Or two :D

What else would like to ask to your  fellow riders?

First I would like to say how grateful I am to be a part of this community. It does not matter what we ride, it matters that we ride. I invite you all to celebrate each other and appreciate the connections you have made with fellow riders. The bond that we all share is special. If you can be such a badass that you can tame an iron horse between your legs you can take on anything in life. Yes, sometimes you might need a little help and that’s where the community steps in. So if you want to get into riding or have any questions or just need help – do not hesitate to reach out to people who ride. You will meet the most amazing bunch of crazy humans with the biggest hearts who are always ready to lend a hand.

What are your social media handles? 

Instagram: @elinemets @badasschickstv Facebook: @badasschickstv website: www.badasschicks.tv