2021 stories

What got you into riding? 
Honestly, riding a dinky little scooter around Thailand, Cambodia and Laos. I felt so free to explore, I knew I had to start riding in Canada. That, and the fact that I would far rather be in control of my own motorcycle than be on the back of someone else's. I believe that reasoning was what won my Dad over when I told him I wanted to ride... He definitely didn't want me on the back of my boyfriend's motorcycle! Hahaha

What kind of impact had riding had on you? Has riding helped you to overcome any hardship in your life, if yes how? 
That's hard to answer specifically... riding has impacted my life in many ways. From the awesome people I've met, the roads and places I've seen, all the way down to making my morning commute just a little bit better. I love riding. I think that riding has made me feel more free in my own province, and I am visiting many more of our beautiful places because of it.

What kind of bike do you have and why? What kind of riding do you do or have you done? 
I have a 2014 Harley Davidson Sportster 883. I love going on road trips to the Kootenays and up to 100 mile house, and of course, Vancouver Island and the Coast. I chose this bike because I love the deep throaty sound Harleys can make, the way they look, and most of all, how much you can customize them! I love seeing what people do to their Harleys, and how each one can be so incredibly different, yet be the same exact bike.
As a painter, I love the Harley culture. I love the flashy and detailed paint jobs you often see on Harleys. I am very proud of my recent paint job on my "Mermaid" Harley and can't wait to do more fun jobs like that! 

What has been your favourite or most memorable riding experience? 
Again, tough question! I'd have to say my most memorable riding experience was an 18 day trip I took through the Kootenay's. We rode through Osoyoos, Kelowna then took the cable ferry from Fauquier to the other side of Arrow Lake. From there we roamed around Nelson and Kootenay Lake. Toad Rock Campground was like a little slice of heaven! (To anyone who hasn't been there - I HIGHLY recommend it.) There's this little highway between Kaslo and New Denver which consists of windy roads and nice twisty turns, all the while you are following a beautiful river and riding between forested mountains. I love BC and all our beautiful roads. 

Future riding goals/ plans? 
I've always wanted to rent a motorcycle in Italy and cruise the countryside. But for North America, I would love to ride through Utah and more into the US. I've also heard Joshua Tree Park is worth the trip, so who knows. There is so much more to Canada I haven't seen - - Banff for instance. That is definitely on my list of places to go. In general, I'd love to go for another two-week trip just about anywhere in North America.