2021 stories


What got you into riding? 
I have always had a fascination with bikes (motorized and pedal variety). I was in grade 11 when I was offered a ride after drooling over some mid 90's sports bike. I was told to wait and within minutes I was given a helmet, a pair of gloves and instructed on where not to put my feet. I enthusiastically hopped onto the back and trusted this "friend of a friend of a friend" with my life. I was thrilled and loved everything about being on the bike, except for one thing. I wanted to be the rider.
I proposed the idea to my mother, instantly denied it. I waited patiently, daydreaming of one day I'd be a rider. It wasn't too long after my 30th birthday, that I realized I met my mother's criteria to ride a bike. So I took lessons and fell in love with riding. 

What kind of impact had riding had on you? Has riding helped you to overcome any hardship in your life, if yes how? 
I've been encouraged by both my parents that I could do just about anything... And so I added this to the list! 

What kind of bike do you have and why? What kind of riding do you do or have you done? 
I ride a naked sports bike. I'm on my second one. I'm a practical lady, I appreciate the comfort of a more upright riding position and an edgy look.
I ride to commute, road trips to the Interior, West Kootenays and Vancouver Island and parts of Washington state. There's so much more to discover. If I could add to my collection, I'd definitely want to start dirt biking and possibly a sports bike to take to the track. 

What has been your favourite or most memorable riding experience? 
I would have to say my most memorable riding experience was my 2020 summer road trip to the West Kootenays /southern BC. The roads were incredible, twisty and fun to ride. The scenery, beautiful. This province has so much natural beauty.

Future riding goals/ plans? 
More road trips around BC and hopefully down the coast (101S) to San Diego once travel is safe/approved.