How long have you been riding for and what got you into riding?

I started riding on the street in 2016, I have always loved motorcycles I just knew I couldn't control the speed so I waited till I was older lol.

What kind of impact had riding had for you? Has riding helped you to overcome a hardship in your life, if yes how?

Riding gives me a sense of freedom, to be able to meet new people and discover new places.

Do you prefer to ride solo or groups and why?

I enjoy small group rides and solos rides.

What kind of bike do you have and why? What kind of riding do you do or have you done? (Dirt, off road/enduro, road trips etc.)

I have always loved Italian design, Aprilia has always jumped out at me and called my name with its bright and vibrant colors, so once I got a good grasp of riding I jumped at the opportunity to get my dream bike an RSV4 RF sportbike!

What's been your favorite or most memorable riding experience?

The first time I took my girlfriend as a passenger, I took her one of my favorite stretches of road that has some back to back corners. She couldn't hear me very well from the wind noise on her helmet but I could her her scream turn into laughing as we started to lean harder and harder. It was a great day!

Future riding goals/ plans?

I am always looking to improve my riding style, when it comes to cornering, braking and my personal fitness.

What else would like to ask to your  fellow riders?

If you're starting out, good to a riding school, learn from professionals, it's not a waste of money. They will teach you the tricks to this great sport for a long time!

What are your social media handles? Facebook, Instagram 

Instagram @mr.rf_rider