Orene 37

How long have you been riding for and what got you into riding?

1 year and i wanted to be a motorcycle racer as a child. Opportunity arose and i got a bike last summer thinking it would be more fuel efficient than my suv.

What kind of impact had riding had for you? Has riding helped you to overcome a hardship in your life, if yes how?

Riding has made me a stronger and more confident person. It pushes me out of my comfort zone and pushes my limits in a good way. It's the perfect balance between vulnerability and invincible. It calms my soul, it fills me with joy and provides clarity in hard times.

Do you prefer to ride solo or groups and why?

Love group rides. I enjoy having someone to share these experiences and take fun pictures and i feel somewhat safer with others by my side. It's like you're still alone but in a group.

What kind of bike do you have and why? What kind of riding do you do or have you done? 

Sport bike...SV650S because i heard it was a great starter bike. It's pretty decent/ comfortable for road trips and it's fun. I'll eventually use it for track. Right now it's used for city riding and road trips.

What's been your favorite or most memorable riding experience

2 of them...a trip cross border for my first longest ride to Leavenworth and Winthrop followed by the amazing Pilgrimage ride on Vancouver island.

Future riding goals/ plans?

Learn to race and do it competitively. Cross Canada road trip is in my 5 year plan.

What are your social media handles? Facebook, Instagram 

IG: spiceybiker