How long have you been riding for and what got you into riding?

6y, it has always been a dream since I was a kid

What kind of impact had riding had for you? Has riding helped you to overcome a hardship in your life, if yes how?

Like we say, "Everything looks better from the inside of a helmet". I started riding at a time I wasn't in a happy place, but when I put my helmet on, it's like "La vie en rose" immediately!

Do you prefer to ride solo or groups and why?

both, each has it's very own pleasure

What kind of bike do you have and why? What kind of riding do you do or have you done? (Dirt, off road/enduro, road trips etc.)

I've always rode Ducati Monster and became attached to its particular style, I wonder if I would change!

What's been your favorite or most memorable riding experience?

Riding up from Morocco to ride around all south Spain, then Track in Jerez. Done the 8 days trip Solo!

Future riding goals/ plans?

Ride across Canada

What else would like to ask to your  fellow riders?

When are we riding?