Stacey Grace 33

Been riding for 5 years now. I always rode on the back of my at the time boyfriend, now husband’s bike and really just wanted to start riding for myself and have my own relationship with riding.

What kind of impact had riding had for you? Has riding helped you to overcome a hardship in your life, if yes how?

That’s an interesting question, because I started doing custom motorcycle detail works before I started solo riding. So I was looking at bikes more like sculptures, and started to take notice of how people interact with these sculptures. As I create art, my mind focuses in and nothing else really matters. So I started to have this very intense bond with bikes that would allow me to shut the rest of the world out. Once I started riding that experience of mind, body, and soul alignment just grew and I that’s really where they all started to align. That homeostasis state of being.


Depends on the day really. I enjoy rolling with close friends, riding in a close nit pack is such a sacred bond and it nothing beats the end of a ride and everyone takes off there helmets and just nothing but smiles for days. But I also enjoy riding solo, at my own pace on my terms and my own schedule.

Currently I am riding a ‘99 Sportster that my husband and I have built together. Why this particular bike? I believe it came to me. Right time, right price, just felt right. Previously I was riding an enduro, west coast living it was perfect for city ripping to jumping off trail for weekend camping adventures.

Riding up the Sunshine Coast for our honeymoon. Those roads are a dream while next to the ocean on one side, rainforest on the other. My heart was so full riding next to my partner, it was the perfect wedding gift we gave to each other.

Future riding goals/ plans?

Hmmmm, just ride two wheels all around this planet to be honest. Everywhere. Any chance I get.

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