How long have you been riding for and what got you into riding?

I've been riding for one year now. It's hard to point to one specific thing that got me into riding. I’ve actually never really been interested in riding or even motorcycles before a few years ago. Then I started thinking about riding the same way I thought about skydiving: “I should do it some day, it’s probably great”. After a breakup from a 15-year relationship with the person I was certain I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, I started thinking about things I hadn’t done and how I could live life to the fullest. First new experience was riding, and boy, had I been missing out!

What kind of impact had riding had for you? Has riding helped you to overcome a hardship in your life, if yes how?

Every time I go riding is almost like a mini-vacation. I come back feeling well rested (mind only, not body!). When you become single for the first time since college, you don’t get as many opportunities to meet new people and make new friends. Riding is great to get you into this whole new social circle, and I’ve met some great people along the way. Also as a designer, riding is a great way to get my creative juices flowing.

Do you prefer to ride solo or groups and why?

I prefer group rides, but mainly with a small group of friends. I guess I’m still somewhat “timid” and, even though I’ve done it a few times and had a blast, riding with too many people is still a bit intimidating, haha. But riding solo is fantastic as well!

What kind of bike do you have and why? What kind of riding do you do or have you done? (Dirt, off road/enduro, road trips etc.)

I have a KTM 390 Duke. Ever since I started thinking about riding (not that long ago), I’ve really been into cruisers and touring bikes, but they’re big, heavy and intimidating. When I took the riding course, I got to try some smaller bikes, like a Rebel 300, and enjoyed it, but then I tried others like a GSX250, a Ninja and CBR300, and also really liked it. So I stayed in the middle and got a naked. My next bike is going to go in a different direction, but I still don’t know which one! I haven’t gone riding all that frequently, but I run all my day-to-day errands on my bike, and I’m definitely less lazy to leave the house now! I am planning a camping road trip around Vancouver Island while the weather is still great.


What's been your favorite or most memorable riding experience?

I think my “most memorable” experience is still the weekend that I decided to take the riding course, and I went from never-having-been-on-a-bike-before to passing my MST in 2 days! But BC is such a great place to start! I’ve done the Sea-to-Sky a bunch of times, and Horseshoe Bay is also amazing.

Future riding goals/ plans?

Other than my ride around Vancouver Island, I plan on riding down the coast to California and maybe crossing Canada to the East Coast, but probably not on my 390 Duke (I don’t think my butt can take it)!

What else would like to ask to your  fellow riders?

I guess my main question is how do you pick your next bike? I wish I could have at least 3 or 4, but picking only one is so hard! I’m still very happy with my Duke and don’t have plans on switching anytime soon, but I’m always thinking about how I’d decide.



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